Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness Education

Our team of advisors will custom design a program specifically for your department focusing on:

How to avoid financial pitfalls of first responders
How to create a plan to build your financial strength



This curriculum will provide your employees with the critical foundation of financial wellness while additionally helping your agency fulfill fiduciary responsibilities to your employees. During these training sessions Serve and Protect Financial will not sell and/or push any products, or services which require contracts to your employees and are strictly for financial wellness training only.

Our goal is to provide information in such a way that your employees have a clear understanding of the available ways to build strong financial foundations, increase financial awareness, and build their financial strength to ensure that first responders can focus on their noble careers and not have their financial situation negatively impact their stress and work!

For more information, send us an email or call the office. We'd love to talk.  |  352-678-0950